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Premium Forced Ventilation

Main features

STARK SVE is a premium cooling fan, internationally certified with high ingress protection (IP66). This protects the ventilation unit against powerful water jets and makes the fan suitable for use in dusty or humid environments.

  • European-wide stock (STARK FV) and distribution
  • Works with all electric motors
  • Protection up to IP66
  • CAS: Compact Airflow System
  • Certificates: CE, CURUS (UL and CSA), EAC
  • Standard fans for non-STARK motors delivered in 6 weeks
  • Best price /quality ratio
  • 2-year warranty
  • Extreme low noise levels
  • Axial fans for optimized efficiency
Reduced chance of overheating
Protection degree
Airflow volume
Noise reduction
STARK Ventilation Premium fans

Technical data

Compact Airflow System: yes
IEC size: 63-355
Protection Class: IP55, IP66
Phase: 3-phase, single phase
Max. airflow capacity (m³/h): 9,200
Speed(rpm): 2800 2-pole, 1400 4-pole
Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Voltage range (V): 220 – 277, 200 – 303, 356 – 525

3D drawings

The 3D STEP files below are in ZIP format to minimize the download size. You need Winzip to unzip and 3D rendering software is required to view the files.