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STARK High Temperature Motor Series “SEM IE3” for Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators F250 F300 F400

STARK HT electric motors for smoke and heat exhaust ventilators

The STARK special three-phase Series SEM asynchronous electrical motor for smoke and heat exhaust ventilators is our own independent research and development with our IE3 efficiency standard in the provision of IEC 60034-30-1:2014 and is in line with the second efficiency standard of GB18613- 2012. The electrical parameters same with SEM IE3 as well as outline and installing dimension with advantages such as good features like, optimum structure, attractive appearance, low noise, high efficiency, high protection class and high insulation class.

High temperature – resistant test methods

The independent design and development of high temperature – resistant motor is in accordance with requirement of smoke and heat exhaust environment in the provision of GA 211- 2009 ”High temperature –  resistant test methods for smoke and heat exhaust ventilators”. It can operate normally for 120 minutes at ambient temperature of 400 degrees Celsius (F400). Also available F200 (200 °C/120min), F300 (300 °C/60min) & (300 °C/120 min), F400 (400 °C/120min).

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