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High quality fans for every type of electric motor

STARK Forced Ventilation improves heat dispersal and optimizes the performance of electric motors through external cooling. We produce high-quality fans that fit on every motor type of every motor brand.

Engineered in Europe

Our forced ventilated motor units (IC 416) are engineered in Europe and with cooling running axially they keep the air flow close to the surface of the motor along its entire length, thus improving the cooling of the motor ribs in order to avoid downtime and breakdown.

SVE Premium fan in IP66 protection class

STARK SVE is a premium cooling fan, internationally certified with high ingress protection (IP66). This protects the ventilation unit against powerful water jets and makes the fan suitable for use in dusty or humid environments.

2-year warranty

Our SVE premium cooling fans come with a two-year warranty and have the following certificates: CE, CURUS (UL and CSA), EAC.

Stark Forced Ventilation also produces customized and special Forced Ventilation systems. For more information visit our STARK Forced Ventilation webpage.

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